Kalahari Resorts Texas: A short drive to a big waterpark

Dated: August 2 2021

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Just a few hours away from DFW is the world’s largest indoor waterpark, Kalahari Resorts Texas. The African-themed resort in Round Rock is massive, so be prepared for your kids to have the time of their life. Overall, Kalahari has some absolutely amazing features, but there are a few kinks to be worked out.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. The outdoor waterpark is great. There are several pools for all ages to enjoy and plenty of areas for the parents to find a chair. If you wanted to splurge on a private cabana (some even with tanning ledges) there are lots of options. The kids had a great time here each day, but it didn’t take long for them to want to head indoors. 

The indoor waterpark is, in my opinion, even more incredible. There are two great smaller kid areas, a wave pool, a flowrider, lazy river, amazing thrill slides, and even an adults-only section with a swim-up bar. I couldn’t keep my kid out of the wave pool. She was obsessed! There are also indoor cabanas, some with hot tubs. This area is for sure where you will spend most of your time.

When you get tired of the water, there is an indoor amusement park. Tom Foolery has kiddie rides, bigger rides, Chuck E. Cheese style games, a ropes course, a mirror maze, an escape room, and more. It’s a lot. I do highly recommend adding on the Tom Foolery package to your trip because you have to pass through it to get to the indoor water park. You can do the rides as much as you want with that pass, but the games are extra. We ended up starting each day at the outdoor pool, moving to the indoor pool, and doing Tom Foolery at night. Everyday was a kid’s dream day.

Now for the things that are important to the adults, the food and the spa. Let’s start with the spa. They clearly don’t have great communication with the front desk. That made making reservations stressful and quite frankly uncomfortable. We had pre-booked some treatments and the message didn’t get passed from the front to the spa. The spa workers were not shy about their disdain for the front. Awkward. Also, there was a princess package for the kids that we pre-purchased; however, there is only one employee who can do it.  As you know parents having others wait their turn was not pleasant. Also, the waiting room for kids was also the relaxation room for adults. Have you ever tried to not ruin another adult’s relaxation time while trying to keep an excited kid calm. No one in that room had a good time. As for the service itself, the kids were happy to get their nails done and cute hairstyles. Once they figure out how to actually do the princess package in a kid-friendly way, it will be great. Until then, skip it. Now I would highly recommend their Halotherapy. It’s a fancy term for sitting in a salt room. It’s 45-minutes of peace and quiet in a highly relaxing atmosphere. I don’t know if the salt actually does what’s promised, but peace and quiet.

Onto talking about food. We tried five of the onsite dining options. The first place we tried was the mexican restaurant, I do not recommend it.  The queso was a hard pass. Once you mess up queso in Texas, it’s hard to rebound. The rest of the food was just okay. Honestly, it tasted like Mexican food you would have up North. (sorry Northern friends)  Also, they messed up our bill and only realized it at closing. So they called our room at 10:30pm to insist someone come down to fix their mistake. Calling a room with kids that late is just as much a sin as screwing up queso. So in short, the mexican restaurant at Kalahari is no bueno in my opinion. 

Woke up the next morning to realize there was no coffee in the room, so we had to go to Starbucks in the lobby. We brought our own breakfast (we stopped in West for kolaches.) I also recommend bringing your own drinks, especially water. There is a room fridge and drinks are expensive. We had our first lunch at Provisions and the sandwiches were delicious. It was our best meal. Our next dinner was from the pizza restaurant. It was really good and the large pizza is massive. 

For our 3rd day, we ate lunch at the grill in the waterpark. Make sure to order well before your kids get hungry, because it is slow. Also, the pizza there is different from the pizza inside the hotel and it’s not great. In fact, it was all pretty basic at best. Our last meal was at the nice Italian bistro and once again, disappointed. It wasn’t bad, just okay. The food and the service were not worth the price. Even worse, they had a gelato shop next door and even that wasn’t great. So basically, stick to Provisions and the indoor pizza joint or head across the street to Salt Lick.

Of course, I have to mention our room. We weren’t in it much, but it was nice when we were. We stayed on the 10th floor and had a great view of the outdoor pools. We did upgrade to a 2 bedroom suite and I absolutely recommend that. We were two families of 3, so it was actually the same price as two rooms, but we also got a living room and space for the kids to play. 

All in all, Kalahari’s food and spa could use some work, but this place truly is all about the entertainment and they have that nailed. It is a pricey place, but according to my daughter everyday was the best day of her life. So, for us it was worth it.

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